Personnel Tracking

The First Responder Tracking System is a customized version of iTrack’s Local Position Tracking System for locating firefighters in unknown indoor environments. The system consists of a small strap-down foot-mounted module, and a vest-worn network radio module.

This system is portable, easy to setup and can provide accurate tracking and accountability of a team of firefighters into a building.

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Autonomous Control & Navigation

The Autonomous Vehicle Controller (AVC) is a self-contained strap-on module that provides autonomous capabilities to robotic platforms. Its navigation technology is based on iTrack’s proprietary UWB-based LPTS. The AVC can interface with the vehicle through CAN and other protocols. It communicates with the operator through GeoPathMaker®.

JADI’s Autonomous Vehicle Controller (AVC) is an innovative navigation and guidance product that delivers autonomous capability to mobile robots. Our versatile AVC can be interfaced with most existing unmanned and manned vehicles. The AVC provides functionality for a robot to do waypoint or target following, collect situational awareness for obstacle avoidance, and provides a high-level interface with a human operator.

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Quartz Crystal Microbalance

iTrack and Oakland University collaborate on the development and commercialization of a handheld electronic bio-chemical monitoring device. The device is based on a quartz crystal mass sensor.

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