Local Position Tracking System (LPTS)

The Local Positioning & Tracking System (LPTS) allows the user to rapidly setup an ad-hoc accurate position tracking system in an environment where GPS is unavailable or unreliable. The LPTS provides solutions for personnel tracking and for autonomous robotic localization/navigation.

Autonomous Vehicle Controller (AVC)

The Autonomous Vehicle Controller (AVC) is a self-contained strap-on module that provides autonomous capabilities to robotic platforms. Its navigation technology is based on iTrack’s proprietary UWB-based LPTS. The AVC can interface with the vehicle through CAN and other protocols. It communicates with the operator through GeoPathMaker®.

Personnel Tracking System (PTS)

The Personnel Trackign System (PTS) is a low-cost-light weight ad-hoc portable tracking solution. The system is based on UWB-RF range measurements, and is tailored for first responder applications. This system can be further expanded to support tracking solutions in a theme park or a mall, etc.

Artificial Laser Horizon (ALH)

The Artificial Laser Horizon (ALH) large display allows pilots to monitor other instruments while maintaining continuous awareness of aircraft attitude using peripheral vision. Spatial disorientation is a leading cause of general aircraft mishaps. Peripheral vision is a key component in maintaining spatial orientation.

Purchase System Parts or Accessories

Part or Accessory:

Quartz Crystal Microbalance Field Equipment (QCM)

iTrack’s multi-channel Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) portable acquisition  instrument can be used to add low-cost bio-chemical detection to robotic vehicles or first-responders. The device can also be used to monitor the air quality or water contamination in the field in less than 15 minutes.

Range Monitor Interface

Range acquisition and display interface for use with the latest generation of iTrack’s Personal Tracking modules. Just connect the module to a USB port on the PC, and the system will identify and acquire range to remote tracking modules. The monitor requires the SiLabs USB driver (above) to be installed on the PC.

Firmware Upgrade Tool (PCWin)

Windows-based Graphical User Interface to upgrade firmware of iTrack systems. The software interfaces through CAN, USB or WLAN.

The software supports configuration and operation of the systems through the Dashboard and Console interfaces, for the systems that connect through USB or WLAN.

GeoPathMaker® Software (GPM)

The GeoPathMaker® Operator Control Interface is a Windows-based graphical user interface that allows the operator to communicate with the LPTS and the AVC. It deploys Microsoft’s Virtual Earth as the geospatial mapping interface and overlays tracking and status information of moving robots, personnel and reference beacons.

SiLabs USB COM port driver

The SiLabs USB driver installs the interface to communicate with the iTrack ranging products. The driver is essentially a USB-Serial port driver. Refer to individual product manuals for further details on the communication port settings. For operating systems other than Windows XP/Vista/7, please visit the website.

Tripp LITE USB driver for RS232 Dongle

The Tripp Lite USB driver installs the software to use the U209 USB-to-Serial dongle on your computer.

for Windows Mobile 6 and Android 4.2 Phones
The Mobile versions of the Operator Command and Control interface allows a user to monitor the position tracking results on a PDA or Smartphone.

Cosmo VRML Player

Cosmo VRML player for Windows XP. The browser interface plug-in by SGI to view and explore VRML worlds. This interface is required for the VVSS software.

Virtual Vehicle System Simulation

This real-time vehicle simulator allows a user to interface with the vehicle dynamics through a Matlab/Simulink toolbox over an Ethernet –based network, while driving the vehicle through a real-time 3D environment.