Toro Corporation

January 2015. Long time customer and highly regarded partner, Toro Corporation contracted iTrack for Phase III to further explore autonomous lawn mowing using UWB technology on its commercial fleet of lawn equipment.
In July, Toro took receipt of their vehicle and began internal testing. Demonstrations were performed for various key marketing and business personnel, Toro’s Board of Directors and as potential customers all with great fanfare. Discussions are taking place as to how the technology could be incorporated and used in the future.

Briggs and Stratton

March 2015. iTrack’s key partner and valued customer Briggs and Stratton Company delivered a specially designed and built autonomous mower to address the needs of its commercial market.
The vehicle was equipped with an ANS-410 autonomous navigation system, high end motor controllers and software. In July, the vehicle was delivered to Briggs and Stratton’s testing facility and then demonstrated to its Board of Directors at the corporate headquarters in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. All involved were impressed with the vehicle’s autonomous capabilities. The vehicle returned to iTrack for further product improvements and discussions are continuing for Phase III of the project.


June 2015. Autocraft of Marine city Michigan and a leading supplier of automated guided carts (AGCs) to the automotive industry contracted iTrack to install its ultra wideband (UWB) technology to autonomously guide and improve the performance of one of its most popular AGCs. The “tribrid” of guidance technology; UWB, magnetic tape and safety sensor input was demonstrated in October to one of the world’s largest automotive makers with great success! Further product enhancements will be performed during phase II.

Pure Michigan Promo

October 2015. iTrack was highlighted in a Pure Michigan campaign focusing on the advanced technology being developed in Michigan. Leading automated guided cart (AGC) supplier, Autocraft was also featured as early adopters of iTrack’s ultra-wideband (UWB) tracking and navigation software integrated in their vehicles. iTrack’s technology will allow Autocraft to move further ahead of its competition by offering added features not commonly found in AGCs. Benefits such as simple “mouse click” path creation and rerouting, reduced media maintenance and newly developed vehicle communication over UWB, eliminating the WIFI headaches that plague many manufacturers.  Check out the video on our website on March 9th!

Kessler Corporation

December 2015. Kessler purchased iTrack’s TS-410 Decawave based tracking system to allow remote mounted cameras to automatically follow its subject. Traditionally, cameras must be manually adjusted to keep the subject in the exact location of the frame no matter where they are located. Now, coupled with a motorized camera mount and iTrack’s tracking system, the camera can easily maintain the subject’s location within the field of view.



December 2015. Autocraft has contracted iTrack for Phase II to provide product enhancements such as sophisticated traffic management software and the elimination of vehicle communications via WIFI. For years, vehicle communications over WIFI has been the accepted means but because of the need to eliminate plant level interference issues, Autocraft has adopted UWB communication protocol and will become standard on their AGCs. Roll out of this new feature to the reputable Autocraft product line is expected to be in June 2016.

Sight & Sound Theaters - Samson

March 2016. The world’s first superhero…the strongest man who ever lived…Samson! iTrack was proudly selected by Sight and Sound to be their technology partner and provide autonomous set piece movement, bringing the Bible’s greatest superhero to life! Sight and Sound is the largest “Christian” theatre in the country with a seating capacity of 2500, performing over 500 shows per year. The crew at Sight and Sound and iTrack worked their magic to present Sampson’s story for their 2016 production. The crowd will follow Samson’s rise as a great warrior, witness his fall from betrayal and finally obtain his revenge on the Philistines. The crowd will be amazed and fascinated with the awe-inspiring creativity as another fantastic story of the Bible is told.