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SiLabs USB driver for MSSI radio
The SiLabs USB driver installs the interface to communicate with the MSSI ranging radio. The driver is essentially a USB-Serial port driver. Communication with the radio is set at 921600 baud.


GeoPathMaker® for Windows XP / Vista
This software is the main command and control operator interface for iTrack’s personnel position tracking and robotic navigation technology. The geospatial mapping data is provided by Microsoft Virtual Earth. GeoPathMaker includes the interface drivers to communicate with the AVC, the LCU and the UWB radios from MSSI and Time Domain.


GeoPathMaker® for Windows Mobile 6 / Smartphone
The Windows Mobile version of the Operator Command and Control interface allows a user to monitor the position tracking results on a PDA or Smartphone.
Browse with your mobile to http://www.itrack-llc.com/download/gpm.htm


Cosmo VRML Player for Windows XP
The browser interface plug-in by SGI to view and explore VRML worlds. This interface is required for the VVSS software.


Virtual Vehicle System Simulation for Windows XP
This real-time vehicle simulator allows a user to interface with the vehicle dynamics through a Matlab/Simulink toolbox over an Ethernet –based network, while driving the vehicle through a real-time 3D environment.


Range Monitor Interface for Windows XP
Range acquisition and display interface for use with the latest generation of iTrack’s Personal Tracking modules. Just connect the module to a USB port on the PC, and the system will identify and acquire range to remote tracking modules. The monitor requires the SiLabs USB driver (above) to be installed on the PC.