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ITrack LLC has successfully completed its search for an investor/commercialization partner. We strongly believe that having an established and successful Michigan based engineering/manufacturing company (Royal Oak Industries/Grindstone Capital LLC) as an investor/business development collaborator will be very important to the commercialization our Department of Defense (DOD) funded ($4,500,000) navigation/tracking technology. We plan to move our company operations from its Oakland University Business INCubator facilities to Royal Oak Industries U.S. headquarters in Lake Orion, Michigan in early 2010.  This new home will provide iTrack LLC with the necessary office and engineering space along with the administrative, financial and overall commercialization support from Royal Oak Industries personnel.

We have strategic DOD business/technology development partnership with Raytheon - Integrated Defense Systems (IDS). In June 2009, we will begin work together on our $1,000,000 Army FY09 project (Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Navigation & Personnel Tracking in GPS Denied Environments). The final product of this endeavor will be a commercial-intent version of our navigation/tracking system that should be ready for commercialization in late 2010. Raytheon-IDS and ITRACK are currently exploring various DOD sources for project funding and to jointly design, develop, test, manufacture, and market any combined technologies to the DOD and other potential users.

Our company has developed and patented our Local Positioning and Tracking System (LPTS) using Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) transceivers. The LPTS enables the user to rapidly construct an ad-hoc network capable of concurrently providing positioning information for autonomous robotic vehicles as well as personnel tracking in both GPS and GPS denied environments. This ad-hoc network is scalable to almost any size, capable of penetrating foliage and various building materials and able to provide positioning information for autonomous robotic vehicles and personnel. Ad-hoc setup requires minimal time for initial installation, and has flexibility in reconfiguring or moving reference beacons.

The additional cost to affix our LPTS to most existing robotic vehicles is relatively small.  The majority of the hardware required for our LPTS to autonomously control the vehicle is already available on board most commercial and military systems.

Our LPTS will enable a user to precisely track and monitor personnel and to autonomously control robotic vehicles performing many types of dangerous or mundane tasks where GPS is not always available. The user may perform this undertaking from a safe and remote location. Robotic vehicles will not require the constant attention of the user because they will autonomously operate their tasks. This allows the user to perform other activities or be able to concentrate on other potential dangers in the immediate area.

We have filed multiple U.S. and international patent applications that cover our navigation and tracking technology. Our company’s patents are broad and apply a number of realistic applications of its navigation and tracking technology. Our positioning/tracking technology provides significant cost and performance improvements over existing competitive technologies.

Our marketing and sales program for selling our product is very straight forward. We will sell navigation and tracking systems directly to the development/marketing partners that we have established relationships with and identified as the dominant market leaders in their industry.

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