Packbot tracking outdoor

4/7/2008 7Mb
This movie shows a Packbot (iRobot) following a path to sweep an area in a parking lot. The navigation system uses wheel speed and gyro information, and UWB positioning. The blue line on the ground is only for visual reference, and corresponds to the internal trajectory that the robot is following. There are no sensors tracking the blue line.

Personnel Tracking

10/10/2010 73Mb
This movie demonstrates tracking a person with our low-cost tracking system at the OU-Incubator. 4 Beacons are setup outside, while the system tracks a person walking through the building.

Golf cart tracking

10/10/2010 43Mb
Tracking a golf cart across an area of the local golf course. Four beacons were setup. The position tracking is based on RF input only.

Indoor Personnel tracking


Also Personnel Tracking

with Beacons setup outside the building. Aerial photo as backdrop.

Tracking planes on an aircraft carrier

8/10/2007 21Mb
iTrack successfully demonstrated tracking of vehicles on the deck of an aircraft carrier. This demonstration was conducted on a airport runway simulating the deck of the carrier.

Self-levelling platform

iTrack a prototype virtual horizon for general aviation. The technology was also deployed for a laser-guided autonomous mower.

Lowe Rider Movie Camera Rover

2/11/14  12Mb
The movie rover is designed to drive a vehicle platform with self-levelling payload base on uneven terrains. iTrack's AVC-410 vehicle controller takes care of the vehicle control, navigation and platform levelling.
Unprocessed view from Camera 87Mb

System configuration

for Beacon setup with Beacons outside in scenario where some beacons can only communicate to one other beacon.

Updated 2/13/2014

Robomower Indoor/Outdoor

6/27/08  3Mb
This movie is a screen capture of GeoPathMaker® during an indoor/outdoor path-following exercise.

Field Test

9/28/07  12Mb (Flash Video)
Experiment of tracking cars in a field of approximately 500’ x 500’. This experiment was in preparation of a NAVY demo to track vehicles on a carrier deck.

Personnel Tracking at the SmartZone

8/20/08  7Mb
Initial experiment of tracking a target through a building using 5 reference beacons. No inertial sensors are used for tracking during this experiment, only UWB ranging.

Personnel Tracking at Troy Offices

8/28/08  13Mb
5 Beacons and 1 target in office area of approx. 150' x 50'

Personnel Tracking at the Troy Office

8/25/08  1Mb

similar test with additional info

8/25/08  5Mb
Experiment with 5 beacons and 1 target moving through office building. All walls on the map are double dry-wall, and open areas have cubicles and furniture storage.

Personnel Tracking using UWB

for first responder at the CREST first responder training facility

Autonomous Utility vehicle with Robot Arm Payload

2/11/14  34Mb/109Mb
This omni-directional utility platform is deployed to maneuver a dual-arm robot (Yaskawa SDA10F). Using IR proximity sensors, the vehicle can park against a wall or against a rail to conduct its tasks.

Autonomous Tugger Vehicle

Wesley International and iTrack collaborate to offer an Autonomous Tugger vehicle based on iTracks innovative UWB-based tracking and navigation technology.
Demonstration at iTrack facilities  2/11/2014  25Mb
Demo at Wesley Open House  2/20/2014  16Mb

Manufacturing Automation

iTrack collaborates with Autocraft to provide advanced navigation technology to the manufacturing automation market.
Cart exchange Technology demo  2/11/2014  54Mb

Omni-directional Airtrax "Turtle"

7/11/08  10.5Mb
performing a vehicle inspection task Turtle performs waypoint following from outdoor to indoor using UWB. Then uses LIDAR sensor to perform an orbiting maneuver for vehicle inspection. It finally follows the same trajectory back outside using UWB.

Omni-directional Airtrax "Turtle"

performing a waypoint following maneuver while constantly orientating at a fixed location.

Omni-directional Airtrax “Sidewinder”

2/1/07  32.2Mb
performing an autonomous vehicle inspection task. This demonstration features pathfollowing, orbiting a target vehicle at pre-defined distance using a SICK Lidar, and obstacle avoidance, as well as fine motion control for docking in the park location.

Omni-directional Airtrax “Sidewinder”

2/1/07  24.6Mb
performing simulated material handling tasks. This demonstration features path following with arbitrary orientation, and docking at various destinations using multiple positioning sensor inputs.

Autonomous Vehicle Controller

2/1/07  24.6Mb
This video demonstrates the capabilities of the Autonomous Vehicle Controller AVC-10 on the Airtrax Sidewinder. This vehicle is currently produced by Vetex.

Autonomous Navigation System

9/15/12  12.6Mb
This video shows the Vetex vehicle platform in an application for Sight & Sound Theaters. The video includes clips from the Production "Jonah" which features several setpieces with iTrack's ANS-400 navigation system.
Movie 2  (Bridge and Miriam) 2/11/14  4Mb
Movie 3  (Mountains and Bridge) 2/11/14  32Mb
Movie 4  (iTrack) 2/11/14  40Mb

Autonomous Navigation scenarios in Virtual Reality

Three interactive virtual reality movies relating to itrack's autonomous navigation technology for perimeter security and site surveillance.

Security Breach
False alarm
Fence Patrol

For a good view, select "Packbot East"

VVSS Vehicle Dynamics Simulation
JCC Jumbo Container Crane Simulation