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Dec 2014

Sight & Sound: Sight & Sound Theaters contracts iTrack for a third year to provide autonomous guidance for set pieces in the upcoming production ...
Read: iTrack was recently featured in the Entertainment Engineering Magazine and in Lighting & Sound America.

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iTrack LLC is a Michigan based company focused on providing autonomous navigation and tracking solutions to our commercial partners in the defense, entertainment, commercial lawn care and manufacturing industries. Our technology is especially suitable for precise ad hoc tracking and autonomous vehicle navigation in both GPS enabled and in GPS denied environments.

iTrack’s expertise is the design, development and integration of diverse technologies used in unmanned robotic systems and personnel tracking. We have formed strategic relationships with several commercial companies and government agencies to enhance the commercialization of our patented technologies

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    Contact iTrack for pricing and complete system quotations.
  • Tracking Systems
    Complete solutions that meet specific needs in position tracking or autono-mous navigation.
  • System Support
    Online support provides access to the support database and work forum.
  • Supporting Software
    PC-based software is available to provide graphical user interfaces for operating and maintaining the system.
  • Documentation
    Miscellaneous documents in support of the tracking technology and products and systems. (coming soon)

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